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Susan LaForte makes Feng Shui fit you, not you fit Feng Shui.  She observes and listens carefully to hear and see what would enliven and bring greater inner harmony to your home, and thus to you.  Her suggestions are simple to do, without much expense  and highly effective!  She is a joy to work with, a true treasure in the Pioneer Valley!
Linda Aronson, Amherst, MA


It was a pleasure working with you..as we planned the program at the 16 Acres Branch...Thank you for your lovely workshop...
Matthew Jaquith, Springfield City Library, Springfield, MA

It was a pleasure to have you at the Center to present your workshop, "Awakening Your Feng Shui Soul!"  The nine participants were all delighted and I am sure they will greatly benefit. Your manual is excellent. Thank you, Susan!

Beatrice N. Niemi, Executive Director, Center for Well Being, Inc. Fitchburg, MA



Our company had been experiencing interpersonal struggles, and we were constantly feeling as though we were putting out fires for our clientele.  In a desperate moment I began searching for someone who could help us calm and change the energy within the office. Thanks to Google, I found Susan LaForte.  Susan immediately put me at ease; and we made bold changes by rearranging desks, changing the view of unavoidable clutter, and putting our intentions into our space changes - that were not costly. We are now more focused, excited, and kinder with each other.  Susan's approach is non-obtrusive, yet strong and gentle, like a Midwife.  She truly Midwifed us through this process, which at times was stressful (change always requires effort), but in the end we birthed a new environment.  Thank you, Susan!
Marnie Cabezas Skorupa, CPM, Executive Director, Midwife's Billing Service, Inc. Orange, MA






Thank you, Susan, for your wonderful advice and expertise. I feel motivated and ready to go now that I have your spirit-infused direction. Yipee! You were so supportive and encouraging versus aghast at my messes. And thank you for your generosity, kindness, and lovely laughter!

Lynne Davis, Wendell, MA

Thank you, Susan, for your very thorough and intriguing presentation given at our June meeting.  You unveiled some of the mystery of Feng Shui for us, and replaced it with respect for this discipline which brings beauty and order to our surroundings.  I have been surprised to realize lately how much your talk inspired me to focus on my work and home environment with new eyes.
Janet Lussier, President, Western Massachusetts Health Information Consortium



I hadn't planned for the renovation of my home to become so extensive, stressful, and overwhelming.  I was fortunate to work with a practitioner like Susan LaForte, whose calm, uplifting energy helped me relax and focus on key decisions in the project.  I would highly recommend a consult (or several) to anyone hoping to revitalize their home environment on any scale.
Michelle Serra, The Murphys Realtors, Northampton, MA

Many, many thanks for conducting your wonderful workshop, Opening Your Feng Shui Eyes!  at the Agawam and Sheffield libraries...Our librarians praised both the information that you so generously shared, and the warm and gracious welcome to Feng Shui that you provided. You have opened our eyes to a new way of seeing our libraries, our homes - and our lives!
Janet Eckert, Continuing  Education Coordinator, Western Massachusetts Regional Library System


Having a Feng Shui consultation with Susan was a wonderful experience.  It was amazing to take a look at my home with a fresh set of eyes, and receive gracious suggestions on how I might reorganize it to be most helpful within all areas of my life.  I was very satisfied with the knowledge and manner in which Susan reviewed my space.  Positive results followed the consultation.  I highly recommend her!
Sue Flynn, Easthampton, MA


I so enjoyed our time together yesterday.  You gave me new things to think about and made me feel comfortable with some of the decisions I've made.  I am very excited about my new home and the new life it represents. Your help has been invaluable.
Lise Hicks, Wilbraham, MA and Arizona


Susan, I am the happiest in my home that I've ever been. It's amazing! I love every room.   My attitude,
my outlook are more powerful. I've found my voice! I can truly say now that my home is my castle.
Gail Mazza, Chicopee


Being a homeowner, and also a business owner, I have found Susan's classes and consultations to be the most valuable tool for happiness and prosperity in my life.   Susan is very knowledgeable, truly inspiring to be around.  I am glad that I have been able to experience the benefits of Feng Shui.
Sherri Parker, Chicopee, MA


Thank you so much for introducing us to Feng Shui!  You have opened us up to a new way of looking at our home.  We found out why some areas weren't working and also why some do!
Jeannette & Michael Erard, Belchertown, MA

The insights you offered were not only helpful, but accurate. Ididn't expect that from Feng Shui. I benefited not only personally, but in my business - I now look at other people's clutter differently.
Marie Sheedy, Finding Time, Holyoke, MA

I am very excited about preparing to move ahead with the changes you suggested.  I found your visit not only informative, but it has given me a lot of wonderful ideas to expand the flow of energy that I want in our home.
Christine Foudy, Northampton, MA


Your calm and kind perceptiveness, and your thorough recommendations, gave me wonderful support to open my new office.
Lenore Grubinger, Amajoy, Florence, MA

Susan, I want to thank you for coming out to our home.  We really resonated with your
suggestions.  I love what you do!
                          Susan McNamara, The Farm at Avalon, Southampton
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