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Services provided:

*Revitalizing your home -- do you say YES! when you get home?  
A Feng Shui visit will uplift your space and make it more nourishing, comfortable, alive and happy.

*Beefing up your business  does your business say WELCOME! to clients and customers? I can help your business be more visible and appealing.

*Help with clutter  I offer NEW ways to look at and tackle your stuff.

*Special occasion gift certificates give something that will be truly inspiring and meaningful.

*Guidance during moves or renovations a little Feng Shui advice can be VERY helpful before making big expensive decisions.

*Space clearing  get rid of residual energy left over from major life events and changes.  We may not see it, but we feel it, and it can affect health and outlook.  Break it up and bring    in some new positivity and possibilities.  Also good after moving into a new home, or when putting your home on the market.

*Color selection - the right colors can soothe, stimulate, support, and enliven.


*Kids' Rooms - Feng Shui can create a more calm, nourishing, inspiring space
for your kids.   

*Landscape/Outdoor analysis - what is going on outside can profoundly affect what goes on inside your home and how you feel.

*Classes, workshops, and small study groups.


*Mentoring for design professionals.

Feng Shui is something that everyone can enjoy, regardless of style or size of home. Depending upon the need, a consultation may be a single visit; or, an initial visit and a follow up. Visits take place in your space, and usually are about two hours in length. My rates are reasonable and I will be happy to discuss them with you. All consultations are completely confidential.

Susan LaForte, CFSP
Feng Shui for Home & Business

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